About Doyalson-Wyee Soccer Club

The Doyalson-Wyee “Wolves” Soccer Club emerged on the Central Coast in 1991 with the backing of the Doyalson-Wyee RSL Club.  The 1st Inaugural Meeting was held at Doyalson-Wyee RSL Club on Tuesday the 26th November,  with 80 people attending.

Our Club’s nomination into the competition was accepted by the Central Coast Soccer Association in 1992; making us the 12th Club on the Coast.  Doylo “Wolves” Colours in 1992 – Mauve/White/Black.

Doylo “Wolves” kicked off with 26 teams registered – A/A 1st & Reserve, Third Grade, U/16 Ladies Senior Teams with 22 Junior Teams; a fantastic effort.  Junior Teams WON the Jack Atkins Trophy.  Semi Finalists – 10B’s, 11C’s, 13B’s & 1st Grade.  Grand Finalists – 10B’s & 13B’s.

Doylo “Wolves” Fielded 35 sides of Seniors, Juniors & Women – 390 players.  Semi Finalists – Woman’s A/A. Grand Finalists – 14A’s.

Doylo – U/15?s  – 11 Boys including Damien Marsh, Coach & Manager were sent to FIJI to play a curtain raiser to the international Fifi -vs- Singapore match.  Semi-Finalist’s – Men Third Grade.  Finalist – U/10H.  Grand Finalists – U/11E1?s.  Minor Premiers & Grand Final Winners – U/10D’s.  Underfeated Minor Premiers & Grand Final Winners – U/14B’s.

Gala Day Winners – U/6-1?s (Ourimbah), U/8?s (Southern Ettalong).  Semi Finalists – U/11B’s (Mangrove Mountains Gala Day – Runners Up).  Finalists – Men Third Grade.  Grand Final Winners – U/13C’s, U/14AB’s.

Semi Finalists – U/14?s, Men Third Grade.  Semi finalists – U/10B’s (Winners – Mangrove Mountains Gala Day).  Grand Finalists – U/16?s, U/11C’s.  Grand Final Winners – U/13C’s.

U/10-1?s – Represented Central Coast – Champions of Champions Competition.  Gosford Gala Day – Finalists B’ Division – U/9C’s.  Minor Premiers – U/10F’s.  Semi Finalists – Men A/A2?s, A/A4?s, U/12C’s, U/11-2?s, U/10-1?s (Pluim Park Gala Day Runners Up).  Semi Finalists & Wyong Shield – U/16A1?s.  Finalists – U/16A’s, U14D’s.  Grand Finalists – U13C’s.  Minor Premiers & Premiers – PL-2 Reserve Grade.  Minor Premiers & Grand Finalists – U/10G’s.  League Champions – U/10-4?s.

Woy Woy Gala Day Winners – U/6-2?s.  Terrigal Gala Day Runners Up – U/6-1?s.  Semi Finalists – U/18?s, U/14D’s, U/11C’s.  Finalists – U/14B’s.  Grand Finalists – U/16 Girls.  League Champions & Grand Finalists – U/13D’s  Undefeated League Champions & Premiers – U/11F’s.  FIRST ALL GIRLS SOCCER TEAM THIS YEAR.

Kanwal Gala Day Runners Up – U9?s.  Semi Finalists – Mens A/A2, Reserve Grade.  Finalists – U/16?s, U/16 Girls, U/12C’s, U/12A’s.  League Champions – U/10C’s.  Grand Final Winners – U10F’s, U/18?s.  League Champions & Grand Final Winners – U/10E’s.

Semi Finalists – U/11B’s, U/11E’s.  Finalists – U/16A’s Girls, U15B’s, U14C’s.  Grand Final winners – U/13D’s.  League Champions & Grand Final Winners – U/12C’s.  Undefeated League Champions & Grand Finalists – U/11D’s.

Doyalson Gala Day Runners Up – U/11D’s.  Semi Finalists – U/12B’s, U/12E’s.  Finalist’s – A/A3 Women, A/A4’s Men. Grand Finalists – U/14B’s, U/11D’s.  League Champions & Grand Final Winners – U/12C’s.  CCSA WINNER: Robyn Ellery A/A3 Woman (Player of the Year.

Toukley Gala Day Winners & Ourimbah Gala day Runners Up – U/8-1?s.  League Champions – U/10C’s.  Grand Finalists – U/10F’s.  Grand Final Winners – A/A5’s Men.  League Champions & Grand Final Winners – U/16C’s.

League Champions/Grand Finalists – U/12E’s.  Grand Final Winners – A/A4’s Men (Undefeated League Champions).  Grand Finalists – AA/7 Men.  CCSA WINNERS: Barry Ellery A/A4 Men (Coach of the Year), Nathan McNamara (Player of the Year).

Semi Finalists – U/15B’s, AA3?s Men.  Finalist’s – U/13D’s.  League Champions – 12D’s.  CCSA WINNER: Sue Cartwright AA3 Woman (Player of the Year).

Semi Finalists – 16C’s Woman’s, A/A6 Men, PL-2 1st Grade / Finalists – U/11Bs, AA2 Woman’s, 35BN Men.  Grand Finalists – U/16C’s / Grand Final Winners – U/13D’s, U/14C’s, A/A4 Women.  League Champions – U/13D’s, U/14C’s, 35BN Men.  CCSA Nominations: Joshua Marini, Shaun Wright, Dominic Barling, Chelsea Hall, Aleece Hemming, Robert Sweetnam, Lauren Andrews, Tammie Greatrex, Kim Payne, Dean Knibbs, Shaun Burgess, Daniel McCamley, David McAdam, Dan Bartsch.  CCSA WINNERS: David McAdam – PPL2 Reserve Grade Player of the Year / Dan Bartsch – 35BN Coach of the Year.  Chelsea Hall – MEDAL WINNER: NOMINATED FOR YOUTH SPORTS CLUB PERSON OF THE YEAR.

Semi Finalists – Men’s Association Cup – PL2 – 1st Grade.  Wyoming Gala Day Winners – U/7-5 Green, Tuggerah Gala Day Runners Up – U/7-5 Green.  Gosford Gala Day – Finalists – U/9C’s & Semi-Finalists – U/9D’s, U/12E’s – 2GO ‘Little Legends’.  U/9C’s – 2GO ‘Little Legends’.  U/18C’s – Undefeated League Champions & Grand Final Winners.  U/13D’s – League Champions & Grand Final Winners.  U/10C’s – League Champions & Finalists.  U/10E’s – Semi-Finalists, U/11E’s – Semi-Finalists, MA/A6 – Semi-Finalists.  U/12E’s – Finalists.  U/15B’s – Finalists, W18?s – Finalists.  WA/A1 – Finalists, PL2 – 1ST – Finalists.  CCF NOMINATIONS: 11E’s – Joshua Marini, 12A’s – James Yates, 13D’s – John Luhr, 14B’s – Shaun Moore, 14C’s – Royce Squires, WA/A1 – Julia Wills & Shari Leonard, WA/A2 – Heather Campbell.  MA/A5 – Matt Sweetnam, PL2 – 1ST – Trent Rogers & Daniel McCamley, 35A’s – David McAdam & Matt Sweetnam.  CCF WINNERS: 11B’s – Nicholas Hawthorne & 12E’s – Rachel Brombey (Player of the Year), U/18C’s – Karl DASH (Coach of the Year).

A special Congratulations to the U/18C’s as they were the second U/18’s team to win a Grand Final in the history of our club and the first U/18’s to achieve League Champions (and undefeated) since the club kicked off. Well done boys!

This year was the first year we had an U/18?s Women team.  Congratulations to all the girls on becoming the first in the history of the club to become finalists. Well done girls!

This was the first year our website was launched and that our yearly magazine was put on DVD.