Covid-19 Info

There has been further relaxing of the rules regarding players and spectators for this weekends offical kick off. Here are some frequently asked dot points that have been put together. Very importantly it is NOT the club’s responsibility to police the rules. We can put up signage and advise... but it’s every player and parents OWN responsibility to use common sense and keep everyone happy and healthy....


Who is responsible for ensuring people are standing 1.5m apart?

Each individual is responsible for themselves. The Club’s responsibility is to take reasonable steps to encourage the correct behaviour, with signage.


Can we have spectators? Are there any restrictions on who may attend?

Anyone can come along, as long as they maintain social distancing (1.5m apart). Families living in the same household do not need to social distance.


 May I bring my entire family to watch games or training?

Yes. However, some venues may have limited numbers allowed


Can we stay to watch other games other than ours?

Yes. However, once your match is concluded you are considered a spectator and should abide by all social distancing guidelines including standing or sitting 1.5m away from others.


Can we operate a canteen?

Yes. As long as your council permits you to do so.

We will have pre-packaged foods only, providing gloves to volunteers.

To assist volunteers, ensure there is hand sanitiser and disposable gloves available for use.


Will change rooms and wet rooms be open for training and match days?Not at this stage, however this will be re viewed and  they will be limited to essential players and team staff only.

Players are encouraged to shower at home prior to and following training and matches wherever possible to minimise contact with others.