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Important Coaches Meeting
Jun 4

Important Coaches Meeting

Registrations Closed
Date & Time
4 June 2020 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Registrations Are Closed

ATTENTION all Junior Coaches & Managers

Please note there is a meeting upcoming online meeting this Thursday  (04/06/2020) to discuss the return to training guidelines.

We will not be able to issue your team a training slot until the coach and/or manager are fully aware of the guidelines.

We once again thank all players, coaches, managers and families for their patience during these times.

Please register to confirm you are attending and you will be emailed the link directly.

Wednesday 3rd Jun 2020
Wednesday 1st Jul 2020 - Saturday 4th Jul 2020
All Coaches Meeting followed by General Meeting
As we get ready for the season to kick-off we have a few things to discuss with an All Coaches Meeting from 6.30-7 and then general meeting afterwards for all that want to stay. ...