Meet our WAA3's

29th October 2020

A team of 16 girls, with some of the girls starting over 10 years ago, recruiting players along the way ending up with the team they have today. #Ateam

The team is chasing a grand final appearance for the second year running and are coming in hot ¿ taking out the minor premier spot with only one loss all season.
Each week the team has shown up (usually under the weather) and kicked some butt. When ever these girls are around it’s never shy of good vibes only, plenty of laughs, encouragement and support on and off the field.
Wishing the wolves the best of luck this Saturday against Wyong to secure their spot in that big Grand Final.
Wolves wolves wolves ¿¿¿¿¿¿
Kasey and Graeme
Manager and Coach

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