Hiring: Technical Director

31st January 2024

Doyalson Wyee Football Club is looking to hire a technical director for our 2024 season. This is a paid position for someone to come and help as develop our football programme across the entire club.

This position includes the following responsibilities;

  • Oversee Player Development across the whole club community
  • Involvement in Talented Player Programs
  • Mentoring and Coaching Staff throughout the Club. 
  • Establish key stakeholder relationships.

Please contact Kerry at President@doylowolves.com.au for further information or to apply for this position.




As this role within DWSC includes operating as part of a team, the successful candidate is expected to work as a team member, show appropriate behaviours and respect to all our members and stakeholders, and work with a spirit of co-operation.

The successful candidate will embody our values of being Accountable, Ethical, Respectful, and Inclusive.



  • The Technical Director is a paid position to oversee and manage the Player Development programs within DWSC.
  • The Technical Director will oversee performance and talented player programs, manage and mentor coaching staff throughout the club; and establish a network of coach developers in conjunction with the Technical Director.
  • The Technical Director is responsible for oversight of the entire DWSC community from U5’s through to our All Age men and women programmes.
  • The Technical director will liaise with our Grade Head Coach and assist when and where possible for the benefit of our Grade Men development.





  • Provide leadership and direction to the Committee and Coaching staff.
  • Establish and maintain strong relations with all stakeholders including clubs, Football Australia, the A-Leagues, and other Member Federation Technical, Performance and Football Departments.
  • Attend Football Australia workshops and courses as required and directed by DWSC.                        
  • Perform all duties as agreed upon and directed by the Committee of DWSC.
  • Oversee and assist with Juniors Introduction Day. This includes introduction to parents and players, outlining programs and assisting with appointment of team leaders and managers.

Performance Programs

  • Oversee delivery of player development programs.
  • Incentivise, assist, and oversee the Talent Identification process for Boys and Girls.
  • Provide development opportunities in programs for all potential talented players regardless of Relative Age Effect (RAE) and biological maturity.

Coach Development

  • Oversee development and delivery of the Central Coast Football (CCF) courses.
  • Encourage coaches to undertake coaching certificates and licences.
  • Attend home games where possible and provide match day support for coaches and monitor the progress of players.
  • Be aware of and promote Club/CCF/FFA codes of conduct for coaches, players and parents at all times.
  • Be aware of clubs Child Protection policy, Health, and Safety policy.
  • Liaise with Club executive regularly.
  • Develop and improve the technical ability of all players.
  • Develop and nurture talented players.
  • Improve and develop coaching standards within the club. This includes increasing numbers of qualified coaches.
  • Improve the level of satisfaction of coaches with support provided.

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