Please be reminded of our home game responsibilities

22nd June 2018

Following the unsavoury incident that happened last Sunday, we want to remind all clubs and their teams of their responsibilities on game day. These responsibilities are clearly outlined in the 2018 Competition Rules and Regulations as well as the 2018 CCF Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations which are attached for your reference. 

BUDGEWOI is classed as our home ground this Sunday 

2.4.13 Home Club Responsibilities 

viii. All clubs that have fixtures set down at their grounds must have two (2) nominated Ground Officials - one at the official table and the other on ground patrol, to ensure all CCF regulations and codes of conduct are complied with, at their ground. 

ix. Clubs will be fined by CCF should they fail to have a Ground Official at an Official table, where fixtures are set down at grounds.  

2.4.17 Team Officials 

a. Each team is to provide one (1) Team Official for each match. This Official cannot be the Coach of the team participating, but may be the Manager. Such officials are to make themselves known at the official table and to the referees, and are responsible to ensure that these regulations are adhered to.  

b. All appointed Team Officials must wear clearly identifiable vests. The appointed Team Official must report to the Ground Officials prior to kick off. 

c. Team Officials are responsible for the behaviour of their team only.  They will report any misconduct to the Ground Official.  

2.4.18 Ground Officials 

a. Ground Officials are to be available throughout the duration of each and every fixture. Ground Officials are to be clearly identifiable and are to make themselves known to the referee prior to commencement of the match.  Such Officials are responsible on behalf of their club to ensure that these regulations are adhered to.

The referees will be advised that if either team (home or away) does not have the required team officials, that they need not proceed with the game.

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