Online Registration Open

14th January 2019

1. Click the Link
2. Create a new account
3. Select Club Football and Community and then select the correct product, make sure you select if you are a new or returning player.
4. If you have a Get Active Voucher please enter the details online to receive the discount. 
Note - You will need to upload a photo to complete registration online.

REDEMPTION CODES : If you are eligible to receive a discount for being a player of the club for 10 years or more, please enter the code below when you register.

10 year code - DOY10YR - $10 off
15 year code - DOY15YR - $15 off 
20 year code - DOY20YR -$20 off
25 year code - DOY25YEAR19 -$25 off
Life Members - DOYLIFEMBR19 - Register FREE

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