Payment Plan for 2019

This is a formal agreement between DWSC (Doyalson Wyee Soccer Club) and


and is made at the request of the before-mentioned for financial assistance of DWSC registration fees for the following members for a total of 

To enter into this payment arrangement you must make a minimum payment of $50 due today, balance in equal installments to the 30th April.

NOTE: A player must have at least 50% paid BEFORE season start or their card will be suspended.

Any payment plans from the 15th MARCH MUST have 50% paid.

Example of how to  calculate how much your repayments must be, 
Total Amount =  $320
Less Deposit = $50
Remaining =  $270
Weeks until 30th of April = 10
Weekly Repayment Required = $27

Payments will be made by

Direct Deposit into our nominated account

Account Name: Doyalson Wyee Soccer Club Incorporated

BSB: 062691       Account Number: 10104603

Ensure you use your Suname as a reference


Should a payment be missed or not made without prior approval the cards of all members noted will be deemed invalid until the payment is received.

Please Note: All Payment Plans must be approved by the club president and will be reviewed on a individual basis.