Welcome to Season 2018! 

Saturday 10th February 10am - 4pm at the Youth Hall at Doyalson RSL

Sunday 11th February 10am - 2pm at the Youth Hall at Doyalson RSL

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Online Registrations are now open for Senior Players Only

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Parents/Caregivers of children in school for 2018 are encouraged to get up to speed with the new Active Kids program offered by the Government which includes a $100 voucher which can go towards Registration Fees.


If this affects you, please prepare early by ensuring you have 'or create' a SERVICE NSW ACCOUNT



Registration cut off will be Sunday 25th February to ensure that team nominations can be completed, so please make sure you register this weekend.

Payment PLANS are a minimum of 50% upfront payment with final payments by the 30th April, no payment plans will be accepted after the 1st April – after this date ANY registration will need to be paid in FULL NO EXCEPTIONS.


DWSC WILL NOT be offering cash refunds for any deregistration’s or transfers, we have no way to facilitate this.